Service Overview

Legal nurse consulting services include: medical record analysis, summaries, and merit screenings for both plaintiff and defense. Practice is limited to the long term care industry


Medical Record Analysis
  • We will review medical records and help you understand the terminology and subtitles. Our comprehensive summary will provide you with an easy to understand analysis with a focus on missing documents, patient care inconsistencies and deviations from the applicable standards of care.

Standard of Care Evaluation
  • We will evaluate the delivery of healthcare and assist you in determining the arguments in favor and against whether or not standard of care was met. Our report will provide you with key points from the medical records with a focus on treatment and pathology.

Determination of Proximate Cause
  • We will assist you in determining the proximate cause of injury or damages. By reviewing medical protocol we can help guide your legal team through all factors related to cause of injury at issue.

Assess Damages
  • Our expertise enables us to quickly identify pre-existing conditions from those arising from specific events associated with the alleged injuries. Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to determine whether all the elements are present for a viable medical case. This will assist you in saving valuable time and money.

Case Strategy
  • Boss Consulting will assist you through all phases of litigation. We will screen your case for merit, prepare reports and summaries, assist with discovery and depositions and provide you with the expertise necessary for favorable outcomes.


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