I am dedicated to providing a comprehensive and impartial review for the client; relying on my medical background, experience, and training, while adhering to the highest standards of professional integrity.

About us

Boss Consulting has been providing expert advice to law firms, hospitals, insurance companies and long term care facilities for over five years. As the principal consultant and Registered Nurse, Eleanore Tache has over thirty years experience in long-term care. Currently a Director of Nursing, Ms Tache provides unique insight, related expertise and the ability to offer prompt assessment of all aspects related to suspected medical malpractice.

Our Mission

To provide legal teams with prompt, professional and accurate assessment of all case issues related to medical malpractice.

What we do

Boss Consulting will assess, advise and educate legal professional in all aspects related to their case files. We interpret medical records and professionally analyze healthcare records and medical literature. Our clinical experience, nursing expertise and familiarity with healthcare systems give us the insight to promptly assess medical records and to provide you with a cost effective analysis. Boss Consulting promises accurate and confidential legal analysis.


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