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Eleanore Tache


With over 30 years of professional experience, my work is dedicated to my clients.      quote

When litigation calls for proven medical knowledge, engaging the right professional can make or break your case. Yet finding people with both legal experience and healthcare know-how is easier said than done, or expensive—and you can’t afford to ignore such a critical advantage.

The solution: Boss, Legal Nurse Consultant. A skilled nursing professional working with law firms, insurance companies and corporate legal departments in temporary, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire positions—screened for any medical discipline or legal matter at hand.


How we can help

Medical Record Analysis

We will review medical records and help you understand the terminology and subtitles. Our comprehensive summary will provide you with an easy to understand analysis with a focus on missing documents, patient care inconsistencies and deviations from the applicable standards of care.

Standard of Care Evaluation

We will evaluate the delivery of healthcare and assist you in determining the arguments in favor and against whether or not standard of care was met. Our report will provide you with key points from the medical records with a focus on treatment and pathology.

Determination of Proximate Cause

We will assist you in determining the proximate cause of injury or damages. By reviewing medical protocol we can help guide your legal team through all factors related to cause of injury at issue.

Assess Damages

Our expertise enables us to quickly identify pre-existing conditions from those arising from specific events associated with the alleged injuries. Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to determine whether all the elements are present for a viable medical case. This will assist you in saving valuable time and money.

Company Profile

Eleanore has over 30 years of Long Term Care experience in the clinical arena. She has over 25 years of experience as a DON and administratively for over three years. She continues to be currently “hands on” as a DON.

Now, Eleanore has combined all her years of experience, knowledge of both state and federal regulations of the Long Term Care industry and assists clients with her Legal Nurse Consulting – Boss Consulting,LLC. The benefits of working with Eleanore include personalized service, quick turnaround time on reviews and comprehensive written reviews on each case.

She delivers services that help to minimize litigation costs in a variety of areas



    I have been an attorney for more than 40 years, specializing in a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases. I’ve been licensed in both Massachusetts and Florida for my entire career and have handled cases in at least 10 states. I learned many years ago that among the most important attributes of experts in any field is that the expert views a case honestly, objectively and be able to support his/her opinions with rules, regulations and, when applicable, peer-reviewed literature.

    Many of the cases I have handled have required the services of an experienced rehabilitation nurse, both from an administrative perspective and from a “hands-on” treatment perspective. Several years ago I was referred to Eleanore Tache, RN. I have found her to be quite knowledgeable in both rehab nursing and rehab facility administration.

    Nurse Tache understands the interaction of rehab nursing rules and regulations with applicable legal principles in the “ tort world.” She is objective (which is incredibly important to any lawyer handling these cases) and can support her opinions with rules and regulations applicable to the field of rehab nursing. Her written reports, when needed, cite to applicable rules and regulations. Most importantly, if she can’t support your position she will tell you so and explain the reasons. She won’t cover up a case that is provable; she won’t create one this is not. That is what an experienced attorney wants any expert to do.

    Joseph G. Abromovitz, Esq.

    Eleanore has always been a very dedicated administrator and DNS/clinician with a keen sense of what is right for the resident/patient and for the organization at large.

    Deborah Nemeth-Gelberg, Owner, DNG Placement Services, Inc

    I have hired Ms. Tache as a nurse expert for several nursing home negligence cases. Ms. Tache has reviewed and decoded complex and voluminous medical records for me on numerous occasions. She has also provided well-written and detailed expert reports to frame my case themes and strategies. Ms. Tache has been an invaluable resource in understanding nursing home processes and procedures. I would not hesitate to recommend her to other attorneys who handle medical malpractice and nursing home negligence matters.

    Peter T. Anderson, Esq.

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